strogo pro


What we do:


Name your problem and we'll come up with what we think is the best solution for you


High-quality and professional execution. Customer satisfaction guranteed


Proactive actions based on monitoring data


Day to day maintenance. Timely infrastructure scaling and imporvements

What our clients say about us:

They took the initiative and produced great results. Overcame some adversity to complete the work. Excellent job! - Ken Fry, Global Flex Marketing

Very experienced with Linux and computer networks. Researched the solution off time and implemented it very quickly. - Miguel Boller, 16-27

Very pleasant experience with strogo pro - good work ethic, great problem solvers... If the request is unusual, they will search for the best solution in a test environment, and then apply it. Highly recommended for your sysadmin tasks. - St├ęphane Busso, manao media

Extremely professional and knowledgeable. strogo pro goes deep into the issue, resolves it, and explains the solution. I highly recommend strogo pro for any Docker related work. - Kartik Vashishta

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